A Little Background

About Best Buy Bones

For three generations, Best Buy Bones has been making all-natural dog treats and chews sourced and made in the USA.

A family owned and operated company, Best Buy Bones has continued to produce, provide, and distribute premium bones and chews to your pet without the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives so prevalent in today’s foods. Our products are shelf-stable because we cook them the right way.

Best Buy Bones produces a wide variety of bones, treats, and chews including NOT-RAWHIDE Beef Chews, Smoked Beef, Lamb, and Pork Bones, Odor-Free Bully Sticks, Natural Beef Chews, Lamb Treats, Premium Pork Products, Naturally Shed Antler Chews, and Flavored Cow Ears.

Nature’s Own Pet Chews

Made with only the healthiest Ingredients

Our products are sold to Distributors only. We do not sell to the General Public. Get in touch to learn more!

From making all-natural pet treats, with humble beginnings in rural Michigan, and after fifty years and three generations, one thing we know is pets. How to care for them and how to help the people who love them. We think it’s important to trust your pet’s health to people who know them and not some folks who wanted to get in on the next big fad. It’s always been a privilege to serve our community and it’s with great pride that we have an opportunity to serve you. Integrity, high quality and value of products made in the USA are what our family has always stood for and we promise not to let you down.

– Delbert, Steven, Madison and Gavin